24 October 2012

oregon squares

My grandmother passed away 12 October, & I've been in Oregon the past few days for the funeral. She was a loving and wonderful woman, & I will never forget our conversations about poetry, or the huge amounts of sugar cookies we made each christmas... slathering frosting on them until the sugar soaked into our bloodstream through our fingertips. 

It is nice to be back in Brooklyn, Portland feels like a strange purgatory place now, I've made more trips there this year than I had in the entire span of time since I moved away. Though there are some bumps in my road right now, I'm glad to be home. 

If you follow me on twitter you're bound to have seen these before. But here's a selection of some photos from my trip west. 

I've updated my myspace for the first time in two years if you're interested in checking it out.
My grandmother's obituary is online, for those interested, there is also a guestbook for comments.