28 December 2014


mars spot red/gold & green/gold
water soluble wax pastel, watercolour, india ink, & ink on mat board. 2014.  

18 December 2014

if your nerve, deny you-
go above your nerve-

-emily dickinson.

09 December 2014

5 of wands, inverted

"learning how to focus energy
or direct enthusiasm in productive ways."

always a lesson worth repeating. 

03 December 2014

the six parts of jesus

teeth white like
bird shit on a black
honda parked
in the sun on a tuesday
in hollywood.

a single red shoe
worn in & cracked
at the bends in the leather
laces never tied--
he trips often.

attached to the back
of his head like voldemort
a second, feminine face
complete with a ring
of worn purple lipstick.

two eyes.
two testicles.

"I can't draw a picture
of my father because
I don't remember
his face."

those pesky nails
crusting into his hands
& feet, "I've an itch 
I can't scratch"
he says.