13 March 2016

covering songs as poems

wrote a poem as a remix of my fave song ever: nobody's baby by sharon jones & the dap kings.

nobody’s baby

of being asked
to bend round
over my spine—
it’s leaving time

won’t stay
can’t say
why—only that

that brand
on my back
don’t say:

only says:

07 March 2016

journal, 2016

"curled under blankets ratty with age. I lean against the hollywood hills. perched like a gargoyle at its edge, I'm not making the climb yet but also not at the base.

it's a kind of limbo between the hills & the world below--not completely in either, not separate either.

do I feel a sense of belonging? have my skin & bones taken root here in the sand?

it clings to my ankles. exfoliates. I shed my skin around los angeles like a snake."