28 June 2018

spaces change

I've begun a new visual blog on my newly completely redesigned website: natalieraymond.com

Since I'm moving more into image making I thought this apt.

I'm not sure what will happen/what I will do with this blog, but it's been around since 2012 so I am disinclined to delete it.

07 June 2018

hearing with your eyes

I think a lot about the McGurk effect. The effect is a perceptual phenomenon in which a person "hears" what they see when audio & visual do not match up.

I feel this is the foundation of concrete poetry. Something I've been playing with recently as part of my poem-a-day project.

day 467 - falling

day 469 - cacophony

day 472 - lady dawn (after sappho as translated by anne carson)

03 June 2018

15 May 2018


how time moves
like a bat
between trees.

the river seine. a snapshot taken when I wandered paris alone as a teenager.
it seems like a moment from another life.

18 April 2018


ventured out into the wilds this past weekend to shoot my newest little short film project.
fossil falls is a spectacularly weird geological feature about 2.5 hours north east of los angeles.

the film, finite, follows the last human being alive as she makes a decision about what remains of her life.

27 March 2018

our lives

I've always had a secret fascination with photojournalism.
I don't think I'm very good at it, but I like to try.
I started photographing protests with my 35mm film camera in high school when I attended the large anti-war protests in Portland. This past weekend I ventured out to the March for Our Lives in downtown LA. More photos on my instagram

14 March 2018


working on learning how to take portraits.
lucky so many of my friends are actors/models.

20 February 2018

one year of poems

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I started the poem a day project one year ago with the vague idea that it might be kind of fun to write 100 poems in 100 days. Now it’s been 365 poems & an entire year.

I never really had an end game in mind for this project. It was always just sort of a thing I did for practice. Creativity is, after all, a muscle. I haven’t really decided or even much thought about where it would go, so in that vein I think I’ll keep going for now. Maybe two years of poems has a nice ring to it?

Thank you for reading along.

11 February 2018

made a trek to death valley & badwater basin a few days ago. the desert is my favourite type of environment, & I find death valley to be mesmerizing.

the plan was to experiment more with my new nikon d7500 dslr & it was a success. captured some fun photographs & shot some cool video while out in the desert wilds.

1: sunset at zabriskie point.
can the dslr do time lapse videos I wondered? yes it can. managed to capture this amazing shot of the sunset in death valley on my first ever time lapse experiment.

Sunset at Zabriskie Point, Death Valley from Natalie Raymond on Vimeo.

2: poem film - badlands.
got out on the salt flats at badwater basin & thought: why not take some videos just to see? ended up with a few cuts which I've pieced together with my poem for that day (day 354 of the poem a day project). my first ever video shot with the new camera, experimenting with frames per second & the like. it ended up a little wobbly, but I still like it. I'm learning as I go.

Badlands from Natalie Raymond on Vimeo.

3: the real goal - photos
initially headed out to death valley to take some pictures, & got some fun shots of my friend/road trip companion. I've added a digital photography section to my website where more portraits & other photography will be added regularly.