28 March 2013

notes on autoportrait by edouard leve


the small combined to make the big.
what binds us to this earth?
(gravity recurring)

inventory before disposal.


23 March 2013

hello spring

won't you stop on by?

'atomic flower' - pastel on graph paper.

14 March 2013

art bio

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Natalie Raymond

Natalie Raymond (°1988, Portland, United States) is an artist who works in a variety of media. By choosing mainly formal solutions, Raymond creates work in which a fascination with the clarity of content and an uncompromising attitude towards conceptual and minimal art can be found. The work is aloof and systematic and a cool and neutral imagery is used.
Her collected, altered and own artworks are being confronted as aesthetically resilient, thematically interrelated material for memory and projection. The possible seems true and the truth exists, but it has many faces, as Hanna Arendt cites from Franz Kafka. By demonstrating the omnipresent lingering of a ‘corporate world’, she tries to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on subjective associations and formal parallels, which incite the viewer to make new personal associations.
Her works focus on the inability of communication which is used to visualise reality, the attempt of dialogue, the dissonance between form and content and the dysfunctions of language. In short, the lack of clear references are key elements in the work. With a subtle minimalistic approach, she absorbs the tradition of remembrance art into daily practice. This personal follow-up and revival of a past tradition is important as an act of meditation.