16 January 2014

wislawa szymbroska


The morning is expected to be cool and foggy.
will move in from the west.
Poor visibility.
Slick highways.

Gradually as the day progresses
high pressure fronts from the north
make local sunshine likely. 
Due to winds, though, sometimes strong and 
sun may give way to storms.

At night
clearing across the country,
with a slight change of precipitation
only in the southeast.
Temperatures will drop sharply,
while barometric readings rise.

The next day
promises to be sunny,
although those still living
should bring umbrellas. 

11 January 2014

on photographs

"One moment, in all of history, was captured, but the moments before and after it disappeared into the onrush of time; only that selected moment itself was privileged, saved, for no other reason that its having been picked out by the camera's eye."

-teju cole, open city

06 January 2014

on leaving

"this is not real. this is not the world.

the world is where art should happen. the world is where you have to go to make. the world is where it is."