28 December 2014


mars spot red/gold & green/gold
water soluble wax pastel, watercolour, india ink, & ink on mat board. 2014.  

18 December 2014

if your nerve, deny you-
go above your nerve-

-emily dickinson.

09 December 2014

5 of wands, inverted

"learning how to focus energy
or direct enthusiasm in productive ways."

always a lesson worth repeating. 

03 December 2014

the six parts of jesus

teeth white like
bird shit on a black
honda parked
in the sun on a tuesday
in hollywood.

a single red shoe
worn in & cracked
at the bends in the leather
laces never tied--
he trips often.

attached to the back
of his head like voldemort
a second, feminine face
complete with a ring
of worn purple lipstick.

two eyes.
two testicles.

"I can't draw a picture
of my father because
I don't remember
his face."

those pesky nails
crusting into his hands
& feet, "I've an itch 
I can't scratch"
he says.

18 November 2014

excerpt from a work in progress:

"a hundred miles out in the ocean
my body rolls on the horizon
& all that exists is blue"

10 November 2014


I'm really excited that my visual work; spanning photography, digital collage, & other mediums, is featured on potluck mag this week. Check back every day through the 14th for visual bits by me. Follow me on twitter for direct links to new stuff.


30 October 2014

"only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity."

-Pema Chodron, The Places That Scare You.

15 October 2014

trying tarot again

earlier in the week I started doing a single card tarot reading every morning. I'm trying to hold myself to it.

The Star,
hope, openness, calm, especially after a crisis or an explosion of some sort.
healing & regeneration.
let others see the real you.
physical confidence.
don't hide yourself for fear of other people's disapproval or scorn.

how do you open yourself up to the world? how do you create that connection?

The Star says: you learn by doing.

06 October 2014

29 September 2014

18 September 2014

class notes



home spaces as a way to reveal the personality of the occupants.

keeping the memory.

"from another past"

03 September 2014

this is it.
this is american adulthood--
the weight of the world pressing down on your shoulders.

(or, in my case, the weight of a red ford focus).

13 August 2014

missing new york

It feels like a hundred years since I decided to move here.

New York disappears from me. Every day it retreats further into the fog. It becomes more & more like the generic photographs. It becomes less like an actual breathing place & starts to look like just a movie set.

I guess it didn't feel so much like a real place when I lived there either. What you see of New York, what is allowed to leave the state borders, is really nothing like what's actually waiting for you in the streets.

What's waiting on the front lines.

But it's disappearing on me. I want to keep it, but it's running away.

I'm tired.
I'm tired of chasing it.

20 July 2014


16 July 2014 
hollywood hills, night

Just now, out my window, I'm certain I heard a pack of coyotes. They do live around here, in the hills.
I swear I heard them eating something, killing it. There was barking & howling & it filled the neighbourhood. It rose from the earth, spiraling into the sky like a dust-storm. Then, there was this screaming. This inhuman, animal scream coming up from something's gut. Coming up from something's terror.

10 July 2014


LA, where are your freaks? Your weirdos? Your artists?
I miss the city where every street bursts with originals.
I miss my city, where one doesn't strive for sameness.

I can't recognise faces here. Each one looks the same, as if carved from hot plastic & shined to resemble new cars in the sun. Where are you, my humans? My loves? My derelicts?

11 May 2014

out west

I've been accepted to the Graduate Writing Program at The California Institute of the Arts. This is one of the top hybrid writing programs in the country. I am extremely honoured to accept my position in the program.

I will be a California girl beginning the first week of June. & officially a grad student again this fall.

26 March 2014

spring cleaning

when the dust

& still somehow

those memories 

26 February 2014

spines & flowers

tilda as a cactus creature

recently, as a way to relax my brain & keep idle hands busy, I started making little digital collages. on a whim today I thought I would upload a few to society6 (where they will potentially be for sale in the near future). I mostly like to add plants & other natural things to people or objects, but I'm venturing into creating shapes and/or fonts as well.

You can also see the collages in my portfolio (which will be updated regularly). Bookmark my society6 page to purchase prints as they become available.

16 January 2014

wislawa szymbroska


The morning is expected to be cool and foggy.
will move in from the west.
Poor visibility.
Slick highways.

Gradually as the day progresses
high pressure fronts from the north
make local sunshine likely. 
Due to winds, though, sometimes strong and 
sun may give way to storms.

At night
clearing across the country,
with a slight change of precipitation
only in the southeast.
Temperatures will drop sharply,
while barometric readings rise.

The next day
promises to be sunny,
although those still living
should bring umbrellas. 

11 January 2014

on photographs

"One moment, in all of history, was captured, but the moments before and after it disappeared into the onrush of time; only that selected moment itself was privileged, saved, for no other reason that its having been picked out by the camera's eye."

-teju cole, open city

06 January 2014

on leaving

"this is not real. this is not the world.

the world is where art should happen. the world is where you have to go to make. the world is where it is."