27 February 2013

my french is not good

in my spare time I've been writing poems dedicated to the virgin mary in french. 
two selections:

la nuit blanche-
c’est froid, mais 
je ne sense rien. 
j’ai vous et j’ai chaud.


et vous maman-
et vous etês ici
dans la nuit


16 February 2013


I have the illustrious honour of being the "broke-ass of the week" over at broke ass stuart's goddamn website.

Why not venture over there & check out my insights into hipsterdom, brokeitude, & dive bars?

14 February 2013

il n'ya pas d'amour, 
que des preuves d'amour

-jean cocteau

love letter, 2009

03 February 2013


in amherst massachusetts

I find myself
with whitewet under shoe
but distant still

like stars