28 October 2015

tarot of terror: the tower

a while back I drew 'the tower' in my daily tarot reading. my initial thought was: oh shit.

but I've been thinking now about the tower for the past several weeks... & it doesn't feel quite so doom & gloom anymore.

in her book, the new tarot handbook (which I highly recommend, along with everything else she's ever written) Rachel Pollack writes:

"the tower does not only mean destruction, it can also mean release of energy or some powerful revelation that changes everything. the change is usually positive, even if it feels painful in the moment."

in my notes I wrote:
"sometimes you need to burn everything down to prepare for new things to grow"

I think of it as a kind of fertilization process. when farmers burn their old crops to ash to prepare the soil for the new plantings. is there pain in this destruction? yes, of course. but isn't it more painful to stay firmly where you are, unable to flex & grow? change is never easy, it certainly never has been for me, but pulling up your roots allows space for new things to take shape.

I've been thinking about that a lot. how to create space for the things you desire to expand. the creating of space seems to be the most important part. you can't fill a vessel that's already full of old ideas & old dreams.

you can't build a new tower without destroying the old one first.