01 December 2012

loves: reverend horton heat & X

One of my favourite bands on earth is X. Each time they end up in NYC I always put on my concert shoes & head out. Last night was such a night.

Punk music is catharsis. Completely exhilarating, & enabling you to get out of yourself for a while. A much needed break in a city like this.

rev. horton heat

billy zoom, exene, & john doe
exene & john doe do an acoustic piece

This was actually the first time I've seen The Reverend Horton Heat... they were incredible! I absolutely loved the Johnny Cash cover they did. It inspired me to change my ringtone back to Folsom Prison Blues. 

I'm a little deaf now... & my arms are sore from trying to hold my own along the outside of the mosh pit.... I tell you one thing- you do not want to mess with me in a mosh pit.