09 September 2012


a little under two weeks ago I had a moment of bravery & went with a friend to finally get my much longed for mini-tattoo (which I now call my mini-ink). I picked Fine Line tattoo on 1st Street for a few silly reasons:
1: they accept walk ins & since I was pretty terrified I didn't think I could handle making an appointment.
2: they were/are within walking distance of my work. for days I thought all day about going after work & just getting it... finally, on a tuesday, I did!
3: they are the longest continually running tattoo shop in manhattan, & were a bootleg shop when tattooing was illegal in the city. that's pretty cool.

so, I headed over there with a friend who has a couple of tattoo's herself & decided to get it done. we had to walk around the block once, & I made my poor artist resize the thing three times (sorry!), but I did it!

now, I am a person with pretty much zero pain tolerance & a deep fear of needles, & I can tell you right now... this DID NOT HURT. I was amazed! seriously, after it was over I said "that's it??"

Funny side story: two lovely ladies from the Columbia school of journalism were doing a piece on the shop... which I am in. Looking crazy & terrified the whole time! Check out their slideshow (complete with awesome audio) on vimeo!