12 July 2012

on weird photo apps & seeing john ashbery read.

I ventured out to Poet's House this evening to see/hear the illustrious John Ashbery read some of this recent/new work. I like Poet's House a lot, but I get there rarely as it is something of a trek from my place in BK.
I wouldn't say I'm a huge John Ashbery fan (I realised today that I don't actually own any of his books) but he is the single most famous poet... probably ever. He's won every major award. & sure, he is another white dude in the sea of white dudes that is the realm of literature, but I still feel like you gotta give credit where credit is due.
The reading was very nice indeed... even though I was relegated to the upstairs "video feed" version because the auditorium was full.

before the upstairs really got crowded. 

The best parts were the following:
  1. I was almost hit by a cab crossing River Terrace to get to Poet's House. This was the cab John Ashbery was riding in.
  2. Waiting by the elevator I ended up standing beside the man himself! The following conversation was overheard:
John Ashbery's Assistant: "There's a wheelchair right there John, do you want it?"
John Ashbery: "Hell no!"
So now I can say I stood next to John Ashbery & was nearly killed by his taxi.

In other news, I got a photo app which allows me to make really weird pictures like this: